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We get a lot of positive reviews (in fact all our reviews have been positive), but this one regarding our 500mg CBD elqiuid is one we really wanted to share. Its reat to see posts like these from our customers. If you want to send us a review about any of our CBD eliquids, please email team@reservedcbd.co.uk or post on our Facebook



Jamie-lee Fordyce-woodward:

I have been struggling with really bad eczema and have tried all cream that I could possibly be given to get rid of it , until James suggested for me to try the 500mg CBD eliquid I used it once and the day after my skin was already clearing up I have been using it for nearly 2 weeks and it has made such a difference I couldn’t be any more grateful 
I suggest everyone tries it who has tremors , skin problems or anxiety 
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Photo 1 is the first night and 2nd photo is the day after

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