Full Spectrum CBD vs. Isolate CBD and CBG

As CBD and the other 113 cannabinoids have become more popular over recent years, so has the level of research on these compounds and the most effective way for treatments.

There is an ongoing discussion on the use of cannabinoids and whether a full spectrum oil base or a crystallised individual cannabinoid base has better efficacy and treatment and we're going to address this in the post.

We researched extensively on this area when deciding how we were going to make our CBD CBG eliquids and found many arguments for and against the use of either. We found that most full spectrum based eliquids contained byproducts that shouldn't be vaporised. We also found oils within these full spectrum cbd products that would burn out a coil and not be safe to vape (you shouldn't vape oil or fats and all of the full spectrum distillates we're considered were oil based). This meant our only safe option was to use purified cannabinoids, even those these are more expensive and harder to mix effectively, it meant we created a cleaner and safer product.


So why is an isolated compound better? 

Isolates are purified compounds made through a CO2 extraction process. This removes all plant matter and other cannabinoids, leaving an almost pure CBD or CBG isolate with 0% THC. This means you wont fail drug tests, with no risk being prosecuted for driving under the influence or feel any psychoactive effects from the use of isolated compounds.


Hit me with the science, you ask?

There was discussion relating to the entourage effect in Ethan Russo's paper which explained cannabinoids work more effectively when together (and this included flavonoids). However, there has also been extensive research by The Israeli Institute of Drug Research (click for article) at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem explaining how the clinical application of unpurified cannabinoids provides a bell shaped response from the patient, which reduces the effectiveness of the compound, especially at a higher dosage.

In non clinical terms the Institute of Drug Research study explains how increasing the concentration of CBD with a full spectrum of compounds didn't increased the efficacy of the drug and generally effects would follow the same bellshaped peak at around 6 hours, regardless of dosage amount. This means that a clinical application becomes somewhat difficult, as the therapeutic range is limited and increasing dosage doesn't increase effects. Whilst in contrast the isolated compound allowed for better consistency in the efficacy and improved the effectiveness of the compound overall. In fact, it also allowed significantly higher dosages - We've successfully managed to suspend 5000mg in a custom CBD vape liquid for a cancer patient. Using a purified CBD oil or CBG oil, it is not possible to reach these concentrations of CBD. Anyone who says so, is actually included the amount of plant matter and oil rather than the actual CBD amount.


Our Conclusion

We can see evidence that CBD elqiuids will work better if they have a mix of compounds from the Ethan Russo research, but we cannot make a CBD vape liquid without using isolated compounds - This is because full spectrum oils will burn your lungs due to their oil/ fat content.


This is why we've added CBG isolate to our range of vape additives and CBD eliquids. The entourage effect between the CBD and CBG increases the potency and clinical application, whilst using isolates means that higher dosages will actually have an increase effect.


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