How do you mix a CBD Vape Additive?

If your new to ReservedCBD, it can be confusing about how much of our CBD Vape Additive to use with your eliquid. It can also be challenging working out the best way to vape this CBD CBG Additive.

We get a lot of questions on the best way to vape our CBD eliquid, so here are some tips on how to to get the best out of our product and enjoy your CBD!


The first thing we need to consider is dosage!

The truth is the level of dosage depends on the person, how people react to certain amounts and the reasons they are using it are critical when considering the strength and mixing of the CBD CBG Vape Additive.

The ReservedCBD range has 4 strengths. These are 200mg, 300mg, 500mg & 1000mg. Our CBD Vape Additive also contains a cannabinoid called CBG. This is mixed at a 10:1 ratio, so our 200mg CBD eliquid contains 20mg of CBG and the 300mg, 30mg of CBG.

We do not recommend vaping anything above our 200mg pure, even if it is smooth and tasteless, as a too higher a strength maybe out of the "sweet spot" and a higher dosage may not be within a persons therapeutic range.

This is why we always recommend building up from a lower strength of CBD and CBG until you find what E-Liqiuid strength suits best.




How about using our CBD Vape Additive with a dripper or directly into the tank of an RTA or RDA device?

If you’re feeling the need for a stronger dose, you can also add a drop on top of an RDA with E-Liquid already infused in the cotton.

We recommend at first you try anywhere between 3 to 5 drops to a 2ml to 4ml tank and see how it works. If you require more then add more by all means. It’s all down to personal preference.



How to mix a Vape Additive into a flavoured bottle

With the 1000mg we recommend warming it up in your hand and pouring the entire bottle into a 50ml bottle of your favourite E-Liquid, rather than dripping on to a soaked cotton RDA. Always remember to shake before use and avoid leaving the bottles out in your car over night. Crystallisation is expected and a mixture of shaking and warmth will help recrystallise the CBD and CBG. 

When mixing our vape additive into a bottle of your eliquid make sure there enough room in the bottle for what you want to add. Next, give the CBD additive a good shake. If possible, pour directly into the bottle once shaken, but if this is difficult, you can always use the pipette. Once you have poured the required amount of CBD vape into the eliquid, give the bottle an aggressive shake (with the lid on obviously) for about 30 seconds. Remember to regularly shake the bottle and if its got cold, warm it up gently (in a pocket or hands).

Our additive will turn most eliquids slightly cloudy. This is purely down to the homogenised CBD and CBG crystals and there is nothing to worry about.



 Using the CBD Vape Additive in a POD System

You can also enjoy our vape additive neat in a pod system at around 30w! You can still premix into a bottle of eliquid and vape a mix of our CBD vape and your own eliquid in a POD System. If you dont feel like mixing yourself, we do a range of premixed CBD eliquid with Cotswold Vaper and can view these by clicking here.


Can you vape CBD Eliquids in a sub Ohm tank.

With many CBD Additives, especially at higher levels of CBD concentration, the level of PG to VG mix means you can potentially get a heavy throat hit from vaping sub omh.

We've found that mixing the vape additive with a high VG eliquid reduces the throat hit significantly. With ReservedCBD, we designed our small batch mixing and agitation process to allow us to include a higher level of VG, without the excessive crystallisation seen with other vape additives. This reduces the throat hit significantly and as seen on Vape Tube, our 1000mg has been vaped neat on a sub ohm dripper, with an outstanding review of the sweetness and lack of any earthy taste.

You will find you go through it faster (like an elqiuid) on a sub ohm setup. This does still depending on how much you vape of course. 



We do recommend that you experiment with the product and find out what’s right for yourselves and go from there. As our product contains CBG, it will be more potent then other CBD related products. CBG has some Sedation effects at high doses, so do remember this if considering our 1000mg CBD CBG additive!!


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