Strawberry Delight CBD Edition

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ReservedCBD has come together with Cotswold Vapour to bring you the finest blend of CBD:CBG flavour eliquid the market has ever seen!

All we can say is wow! I mean it seriously wow, This has got to be the tastiest Strawberry Custard Eliquid to ever be brewed on this planet! 

Strawberry Delight is:

I know I’ve said its a custard eliquid but it has a creamy whippy taste, Almost like Angel Delight! Juicy succulent strawberries on the inhale! yet smooth but not sickly! Finally, that thick tasty vanilla custard packs a sweet tone that knocks your taste buds off this planet.

If you’re a custard or even a strawberry fruit lover then you won’t be disappointed by this!

It is available in 2 strengths! 

300mg CBD - 30mg CBG

500mg CBD - 50mg CBG 

BUT! What does that work out per ml!

The 300mg 60ml overall per ml CBD:CBG content is 5.5mg per 1ml

The 500mg 60ml overall per ml CBD:CBG content is 9.2mg per 1ml


You maybe already know about our own product that is infused in this beautifully crafted eliquid, But if you don’t we have you covered. 

ReservedCBD is a completely THC free e-liquid is available with a mix of CBD and CBG. This eliquid is created through a special extraction process that removes all traces of THC, which is ideal for those looking to avoid any exposure to the compound. This vaping CBD oil is a completely tasteless additive that will leave you with no earthy taste and is THC free.







  • This product is not a food additive or a cannabis-based product for medicinal use.
  • We claim no medicinal benefits from this product.
  • Please consult with a doctor regarding the use of CBD, CBG or other cannabinoids.
  • CBG and CBD can increase the efficacy of other medications.